Vintage Adapter Kit 2 (4 Color Options)


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The String Butler Vintage Adapter Kit 2 – by Dietrich Parts
(Select your Knob and Washer Color)
  • If your guitar has “Vintage” tuners, without the hex nut around the post, then to use the String Butler you need either Adapter Kit 1 or 2.  
  • If you have a hex nut around the tuning post, even if it looks “Vintage”, then you don’t need an adapter.
  • Gibson Guitars: Use Adapter Kit 2
  • Epiphone Guitars: Use Adapter Kit 1
  • These Adapter Kits are not compatible with the Clear Acrylic String Butler Models.
  • Kits with either Green or Creme colored knobs are available.
  • Please note that these tuners will not perfectly match the design or color of your stock tuners. 
Product Summary:
  • If the guitar uses pressed-in sleeves around the tuners then it lacks a nut to hold down the String Butler.  This adapter adds a threaded feature, and a nut, to the sleeve to address this compatibility issue.  
  • For the Adapter Kit 2, replacement tuners are also included for Gibson models.  These are required because the Gibson Vintage Stock tuner posts are too short to work with the String Butler.
  • To install the part you simply have to remove the tuners, press the current sleeves out with a wooden dowel, press the new sleeve in, and install the provided tuners in place of the stock ones.  Once this is done the guitar will have provisions to allow the attachment of the String Butler.

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Seller Warranty: 30 Day hassle free money back guarantee.  Manufacturer Warranty: 24 month warranty against defects in material or workmanship from Dietrich Parts. 

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