String Butler Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, customers agree that the String Butler works!

String Butler Amazon Choice Rank 9 Jan 30 2018

Luis from Brazil – Email Feedback – September 2017

Luis from Brazil contacted us to see if we shipped to his country. We informed him that we do through our eBay listings and he purchased 3.

He tunes most of his fleet of Les Paul guitars to Drop C# and he was having an issue with the tuning going sharp constantly. Before he played he had to tug on the strings to fix the tuning. After trying the more commonly accepted improvements he decided to give the String Butler a shot. A summary of his feedback follows:

2017 Les Paul Tribute #1
Installed on the E and e posts pointing outward
“Works like a charm, though A, G and B still not as stable as the other strings, solved with nut and bridge proper lubrication and a A string gauge 40”

2017 Les Paul Tribute #2
Installed on the E and e posts pointing inward

2016 Les Paul Classic
Installed on the E and e posts pointing outward
“Just Perfect”

“I was so frustrated with my Les Pauls that I was considering selling them and buying PRSs instead, I’m keeping them now, they are working as finely as my strats.”

Luis reports that he is planning on ordering 2 more because the first 3 worked so well!


Stephen – 5 Star Amazon Review – August 2017

This device is easy to install and, more importantly, it works. I was having difficulty keeping my Gibson ES-339 in tune. The String Butler has cured this problem by changing how the A,D,G and B strings travel across the nut (i.e., from an angle to a straight pull). Seller also provided me with fast and courteous customer service. Highly recommended.

“Amazon Customer” – 5 Star Review September 2017

Excellent product and idea…ordered 3, one for each SG and LP. Does exactly what its suppose to do without changes to the guitar structure. No more G string going out of tune on bends, No more “tink” at the nut when tuning. My opinion, these should come standard on all Gibson’s.

Brandon – 5 Star Amazon Review – September 2017

Works just like it say… Wonderful for Gibson headstocks

Mr. G – 5 Star Amazon Review – September 2017

Whoa.. wow.. This butler has been sitting around for a bit waiting to be installed on a guitar I am building. But it’s taking to long to build (because I want perfection) so I installed it on my Epiphone and I like it. The straight pull on the center strings makes for a softer touch. Barre chords seem easier on my fingers. The tone seems a bit tangy but it really goes along well with the type of music I’m learning. Thank you, I’m going to have to get another one for my new build.

Philosopher Bob – 5 Star Amazon Review – September 2017

I like it because it works, its easy to install, and because its removable, if necessary. I didn’t’ use the clear washers (for underneath to protect the headstock from scratches). Instead, I put some black electrical tape on the bottom to protect the headstock. I cut the tape in strips and carefully placed them on the back of the string butler (covering most of the back) so it could not be seen after the install.

So far it is working very well! Now, let me be clear that I have locking tuners on this Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II (they came factory installed) and I also use lube (Big Bends nut sauce) in the bone nut slots and on the tonepros locking bridge (which I installed as an upgrade). I made sure to stretch my strings very well (before and after the lube) and I have to say my tuning stability is very much improved now. I am glad I bought the string butler. I did extra big bends with round core strings (ghs boomers thin core 10-52), which generally go out of tune a little more than hex core–and it STAYED in tune!

I don’t often write reviews, but this product fixes a problem inherent in some 3×3 headstocks. I already had a properly cut nut and lube, and it worked pretty well. But now it works much better.

The only negatives are: (1) it takes me longer to change strings (its a bit more complicated with the 4 new rollers, and (2) if I had to make truss rod adjustments, I’d probably have to move apart the two center strings a bit to access the truss rod–I have not done this yet with the string butler because my rod does not need adjustment.

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