The String Butler – Guitar Tuning Improvement Device

Scroll down to discover more about the String Butler.  This ingenious little device has made thousands of guitars around the world easier to tune.  This simple mechanism attaches to the head of 3+3 guitars and corrects the string routing through the nut slots to make nut friction and pesky string kinks a thing of the past with no permanent modification required in most cases.

Laplace LLC is the official importer, dealer, and distributor of the String Butler in the USA. Don’t be fooled by eBay resellers that buy the product from us and resell it at a higher price.

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Who is the String Butler for?

  • Is your guitar difficult to tune?
  • Are the machine heads on your guitar difficult to turn?
  • Are you tired of having to retune a couple of strings after every song in your setlist?
  • Then you will love the String Butler!

This thing works!  It has over 500 fantastic reviews on Amazon USA alone.

What is the String Butler?

The Patented Design attaches to the head of your guitar and corrects the string angle as it passes through the nut.

How does the String Butler make my guitar better?

If the design of a guitar headstock doesn’t position the machine heads directly in line with the slot in the nut, then high friction is generated between the nut and the string because the string angle has to change above the nut.  This friction makes it difficult to tune the guitar accurately and the tuning may change while you are playing as the strings move, vibrate, and flex.  In severe cases it is also difficult to turn the machine heads which can damage them.  The String Butler sends the strings straight through the nut which reduces this troublesome friction.


The String Butler Close-Up
String Butler uses low friction rollers to guide the strings straight through the slots in the nut

Will it work with my Guitar?

The device is designed to correct the string angle of guitars with a rectangular machine head pattern.  This shape (illustrated below) is very common for some manufacturers.

Note that if your guitar has an oversized headstock similar to a Gretsch or a Flying V, then we have a new model available designed specifically for those guitars, the V4.  See the compatibility table below for sizing information.

Try the new online compatibility checker: link

String Butler Headstock Compatibility

If your guitar has a headstock like the one on the left above, and strings 2, 3, 4, or 5 are not in alignment with the nut, then it should be compatible.  However, if your guitar doesn’t use nuts to hold the machine heads in place then you can either attach the part with wood screws or purchase an adapter kit.  The following graphic shows you how to tell if an adapter or screws apply.  For more information on the available Adapter Kits click here.


As with any upgrade or repair work, care should taken to not cause damage your guitar:

Installation Disclaimer

The following graphics explain how to measure your guitar to insure that it will attached to your machine heads using the existing nuts:

String Butler V2 DimensionsString Butler V3 Dimensions

What colors are available?

The String Butler is of either Metal or Acrylic material.  The Acrylic version isn’t as tough as the metal version but it is clear allowing for you to see the headstock a little through the part.  For the metal version there are 4 color combinations to chose from:

  • Standard Series: Black Chrome, Gold Chrome, Silver Chrome (Silver Knobs and rollers)
  • New! Stealth Series:  Black Rollers and Pins on a Black Chrome Body (Currently only available on eBay in the USA)
  • New! Lux Series: Gold Rollers and Pins on a Black Chrome Body (Currently only available on eBay in the USA)
Standard Series
Stealth Series
Stealth Series
V3 Lux Main
Lux Series

Installation Instructions

Detailed Installation Instructions in English: Link

In general you have three options as illustrated in the following graphic:


Where to buy the String Butler

If you are in the USA then your best choice is to use the links at the top of this page.  “Buy direct from Laplace” is the cheapest option.  If you are outside of the USA then the following page will help you to decide where to make your purchase: Where to Buy the String Butler.

Manufacturer Warranty

This product is covered by a 24 month warranty against defects in material or workmanship starting from the time of purchase when purchased from an authorized Dietrich Parts dealer.  Please contact Dietrich Parts directly for warranty claims at:

If you have any further questions about this product please contact us using the Contact Us Page.

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21 thoughts on “The String Butler – Guitar Tuning Improvement Device

  1. I just installed string butler on my Gibson SG that would not stay in tune, and now I’m jumping for joy! My guitar would not stay in tune for anything. Well, it would be ok with Nut sauce, or pencil graphite but would not last. After I installed the butler, and reset my strings, I played for maybe an hour, and stretched my strings to the limit! they stayed in tune. Now my Gibson SG sounds as good as a PRS, or any Guitar I have ever played before. I woke up this morning, grabbed my Guitar and jammed and its still in tune! I love you guys. I need another one for my Taylor Big Baby Acoustic but I cannot install it he way you want me to because the truss rod cover is in the way, so ill install it like I did on my SG. I don’t see any reason why it wont work installed that way. Thanks, I’m very happy.

    1. You helped me finally get the guitar I wanted when I bought my Gibson LP Standard. Thank you for a good experience!

  2. I got a wonderful deal on a 2013 signature t brand new in the box directly from Gibson deal of a lifetime was like buying a standard for $1000 dollars the only thing was that it had a grenadillo fretboard great guitar but of course it would not stay in tune literally if I was breathing on it it would go out of tune I was getting frustrated that’s your product yesterday installed it and with that straight hang I’m going to Echo one of the comments it’s like I own a PRS thank you very much gentlemen I think Gibson should have these installed on all their guitars straight from the factory that would be a nice account!

      1. I have a Korean Gretsch 5420. What tuber adapter and string butler model do I need? 53mm between tuning posts.

      2. Hello,

        The post separation calls for a V3. That headstock must be smaller than some of the other Gretsch that use a V4. Does this have the Vintage Tuners (no hex around the base of the tuner post)? If so, then this could be tricky. The Vintage Adapter Kit 1 one might work but I’m not sure. The bushings vary a lot between guitar models. Our bushings might be too large. You would have to take one of your bushings out and measure the diameter of the spline area. If you have the hex around the post then all you need is V3 and you are good to go.


    1. Hello Norm,

      Yes it works with acoustic guitars. In some cases, if the truss rod plate is oversized, you just need to mount it inverted between the A and B string posts. The V2 or V3 should fit.

  3. Hi there! I’m interested to tryout your product! Which one will fit best my Lespaul traditional? V3 or V4. It doesn’t have vintage tuners. I think it’s a 2012 and I want everything black. No chrome at all
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi! I have an Epiphone G-400 Pro SG (2019) guitar with the stock Wilkinson tuners (planning to buy Gotoh SD90 MG-T locking tuners to replace the stock ones). If i order the V3 string butler, should i order an adapter kit too? If i should, which one? 1 or 2 kit? (i don’t want to replace the new Gotoh tuners if i will have them) Thank You in advice! Gabor

  5. Hello Gabor,

    Many, if not all, Gotoh tuners have oversized tuner post diameters. Our adapter kit one only works with posts that have a diameter of 6.15mm or less and since this is a vintage tuner with press-in bushings that you are looking at, you would need an adapter kit. However, this Gotoh tuner model has a diameter of 6.35mm which means the post won’t fit through our bushing. When buying tuners that are compatible with the String Butler, if you go with threaded bushings, you also need to look at the diameter of the bushing to ensure that it isn’t greater than 8mm as this is the width of the String Butler in the area that goes around the threaded bushing. Some tuner models have oversized threaded bushings as well.

    Hope this helps. Technical info on our adapter kit 1:

    1. Thank you! And what if i don’t buy the gotoh tuner set? will the V3 + adapter kit work with my stock tuners? if it will, adapter 1 or 2?

  6. I have a 2014 Gibson ES 335 with the same tuning issues. Which kit String Butler should I get, Thanks!

    1. Hello William,

      The V3 will fit. The V2 might also fit. However, you might need an adapter kit. Please locate the FAQ on our website and it will walk you through to determine. Email at if you need more assistance.

  7. Thanks Danny, I believe the V3 and V2 will work fine. I have Grover locking tuners on my ES, thanks again for the direction.

  8. hi Danny im interested in the string butler . I have a 2022 Gibson Les Paul studio . what version do I need ?

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