V3 Pictures

Just random pics of ours and customer installations.

V3 Stealth on a Les Paul
V3 Stealth
V3 Lux
V3 Standard Black on a Les Paul
V3 Standard Black on a Washburn
V3 Standard Silver on a Les Paul Classic
V3 Standard Gold on an LTD
V3 Standard Black on a Les Paul Standard
V3 Standard Black on a Warlock (Right Photo). The V4 is too big for the Warlock because the E/e spacing is narrow. On the left is a V4 Standard Black on a Flying V.
V3 Stealth on a Dean Cadillac (Would the Lux look better here?)
V3 Standard Gold on this sick custom Les Paul
V3 Standard Silver on this Les Paul
V3 Standard Gold on one of the coolest SGs we’ve ever seen.
V3 Stealth on a BB King Gibson. Would the Lux fit better here? Note how the V3 sits high above the truss rod cover.
V3 Stealth. This model is very versatile.
V3 Clear Acrylic on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro