V4 Pictures

Just some random pics of ours and customer installations

Wild 8 string install with a V4
V4 on an Electromatic
V4 on another Gretsch. This one barely fit and the String Butler
maybe needed some modification.
V4 on a Gretsch
V4 on a Flying V
Some Dean Guitars have a wide enough E/e spacing for the V4 to just barely work. Be sure to measure!
V4 Standard Black on an Epiphone Flying V. Notice that the V4 fits as all as the V5 on this model because the E/e spacing is so wide.
This customer purchased a Lux model and then painted the base white. You can customize the String Butler to make it your own. Many do!
V4 Stealth on a Gretsch. Notice that the E/e spacing is just barely big enough in this case. Be sure to measure your Guitar before you order a V4, they don’t fit most guitars.