The String Butler – An Overlooked Feature

You may have noticed that the String Butler package includes two clear plastic washers (Shown below).

Untitled 2

What may not be obvious, unless you have reviewed the installation instructions in detail, is that these washers are an optional accessory intended to be placed around the tuning machine head posts between the String Butler and the guitar head.  These are included in the package because we understand that some customers are very cautious about installing accessories and the washers allow the installer to separate the String Butler from the headstock.  If used with the installation they lift the String Butler off of the headstock surface (see the pictures at at the bottom of this post).

It should be noted that these washers won’t work with every guitar.  In particular, some guitars use tuning machine heads with very short posts.  If using the washers with the String Butler is important to you please review the installation instructions which include a section on how to determine washer compatibility.

Again, use of the washers is optional.  In fact, many customers don’t use them….the String Butler works great either way.

Just a reminder, if you have any questions about the String Butler, including installation or compatibility, feel free to contact us any time.


The String Butler Plastic Washer

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