String Butler V2 vs V3 Comparison

Did you know that the String Butler V2 and V3 models both fit on a Les Paul Guitar?

The V2 model came before the V3 and it was designed with the Les Paul Tuning post width as the target (44mm between centers).  Later, the V3 was added to allow the product to be used on guitars with posts that are closer together (down to 38mm).  So in effect, the V3 fits more guitar models and that is why it is more popular.  However, the V2 model continues to be requested by customers because some believe it looks better on guitars that it fits, and so it is still in production.


The only practical difference between the V2 and the V3 is the V2 fits less guitar models honestly.  This is why Laplace chose to stock the V3 first.  The chart below explains that the V3 fits a wider range of post separations.  In the side by side comparison pictures below you will see that the V2 is a little smaller than the V3 as well.

The String Butler V2 vs V3 Visual Comparison

Below are pictures of my personal Les Paul Standard with the V2 and the V3 String Butler in place.  You be the judge.  Which one do you think looks better?

Note: I really struggled to get a good picture of the V2 with the part itself visible.  The new chrome process being used on the most recent V2 batch results in a high-gloss polish that blends in to the guitar finish like camouflage.

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String Butler V2 vs V3 on a Les Paul Standard

43 thoughts on “String Butler V2 vs V3 Comparison

  1. Might be worth nothing thst that the V2 – which I bought to fit a vintage Gibson ES-355 – has the correct width but the open-ended brackets are too narrow to fit my locking tuners. My not very good solution was to snap off one side of each bracket (I have the clear plastic version) so that the string butler fits and holds in place once string tension is applied.

    1. Hello Martin

      What tuner model was the issue? This is the first we have heard of this compatibility problem.


      1. Thank you for the info. Please let us know if you have any issues with what you have installed.

    2. I ran into the same problem using the V2 (open-ended brackets are too narrow) on my Breedlove Concert Acoustic/Electric. And even with it in position, it only corrects some of the problem due to my guitar’s headstock/tuner design. So, while a great idea, it may not be the best solution for everyone. I’m not sure if the V3 open- ended brackets are any wider or not.

  2. Great idea, my concern is the 4 string pull on the 2 selected machine heads… I play ruff, hard style and would like to use 2 units insread of on to spread out this tension accross 4 uts, instead of the two. This is possible on gibson sg to install not one but two v3s on the a and b 1st unit upsidown, and the second uniton the d and g nuts, upsidedown?

    1. There is almost no load on the tuning pegs because the string tension on one side balances the string tension of the other. I suppose it would be possible to do what you describe if you remove the truss rod cover so you could flip the lower butler, and then remove two of the posts from the lower string butler with a wrench. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. Interesting thought though!

    1. Hello Pete,

      Judging the the pictures, yes, V3 should work. You may need to mount it between the A-B posts with the point down because the truss rod cover looks to be very large on this model. Or you can trim the truss rod cover to fit. Either way works fine.

  3. Hi, I have a 2017 Les Paul faded T. On the Gibson website they call the tuners “vintage style keystone”. Which version will work for me? Thanks

    1. Hello Pete,

      What GIbson calls “Vintage Style Keystone” tuners is in fact compatible with the String Butler. I recommend a V3 Black for your guitar.

  4. Hey Dan,
    Installed the v3 on my 2011 Les Paul Traditional.
    I’ve experienced much less tuning problems, especially nut binding on the
    G and D strings for those big bends. Great invention!! Looks good as well! I would recommend this product to all Gibson owners, especially those that have that crappy corian nut. Due to this inherent problem with Gibson’s headstock design, it beats having the nut replaced with bone or tusk. Also to note, this is not a permanent mod. I can also move it over to my SG. And for those folks with other 3+3 heads, this is a great solution.
    Thanks again Dan!

    Mike Teslak

  5. Hi Dan, I just ordered my butler. Will it fit my Gibson es es 339. Please let me know and love the website, great job.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Greg. Usually a V3 and V2 will both for a Gibson headstock but sometimes only a V3. This is why we recommend measuring the post to post centerline. Also, some models have vintage tuners which are missing the nut that hold the part down. In that case adapters would be needed. I would need more info to answer your question I’m afraid. Since you’ve already ordered one I guess we will see!!

      Thanks again

  6. Hi Danny,

    I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 with Grover locking tuners. The spec sheet says the holes are 20.65 mm from the bottom. Will I still be able to install the String Butler without the washers? Thanks!

    1. Hello Hank,

      I have a 2016 with Grover lockers and it actually works just barely with both the stock and the plastic washers. You just won’t be able to wrap the string down on the post. Since they are lockers you don’t need to.

      So yes, it works with your model.

      1. Thank you, Danny! For a Les Paul would you recommend the all black model or the clear one? It looks to me that the black one might be even more unobstrusive.

      2. No problem. Thanks for asking. I personally think the black chrome or the new stealth model would look the best. That’s the most popular as well.

  7. Probably asked many times, but I have an Epiphone Les Paul “56 Goldtop” I’ve measured the posts and they seem to be 44mm (possibly 45mm – but that could be the ruler) I’m looking for the most unobtrusive fit. I’m guessing I need the V2 and probably black. If I order and it’s wrong can it be exchanged p. Also, you’ve mentioned a “stealth” version for invisibility – is that the acrylic one? Thanks

    1. Hello,

      Yes we will exchange if it doesn’t fit. V2 is the least obtrusive. The all black model is the stealth. It’s hard to see from a distance against a black headstock.

      Hope this helps!

  8. The brackets on the V2 are too narrow for my Grover tuning posts (on a 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top). Disappointing,

    1. Hello Grame,

      Can you email us at so we can understand better your fitment issue and help you to resolve it? My own personal guitar has Grover Lockers and it fits fine so there is something we don’t understand about your application issue. If the post separation is too small then a V3 will fit. If the slots themselves are too small then the V3 won’t address the issue. Either way, please send us an email.

  9. i recently purchased a limited Gibson Les Paul. Of course the G string never stays in tune. Which version would work best?

  10. Slightly off topic, I now own an Epiphone Swingster. I note that the poles attached to the tuning machines are wider apart than my Guild or Ibanez (both of which have String Butlers attached). Is there a String Butler that will fit the Swingster as I would very much like to attach one to it. Many thanks, Ken.

    1. Judging by the pictures I’ve found it looks like the V2 is what you need. It doesn’t look like the V4 would fit. See our model guide on the main Laplace String Butler page for how to measure and confirm.

  11. Hi Danny, I have 3 Gibsons I would love purchase for, a 2007 LP custom, 1987 black standard, 2006 SG. thanks!

  12. I have Epiphone ES 335 PRO
    Which Model should I purchase ?

    Can I purchase this in the near north suburbs of Chicago?

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