String Butler V2 vs V3 Comparison

Did you know that the String Butler V2 and V3 models both fit on a Les Paul Guitar?

The V2 model came before the V3 and it was designed with the Les Paul Tuning post width as the target (44mm between centers).  Later, the V3 was added to allow the product to be used on guitars with posts that are closer together (down to 38mm).  So in effect, the V3 fits more guitar models and that is why it is more popular.  However, the V2 model continues to be requested by customers because some believe it looks better on guitars that it fits, and so it is still in production.


The only practical difference between the V2 and the V3 is the V2 fits less guitar models honestly.  This is why Laplace chose to stock the V3 first.  The chart below explains that the V3 fits a wider range of post separations.  In the side by side comparison pictures below you will see that the V2 is a little smaller than the V3 as well.

The String Butler V2 vs V3 Visual Comparison

Below are pictures of my personal Les Paul Standard with the V2 and the V3 String Butler in place.  You be the judge.  Which one do you think looks better?

Note: I really struggled to get a good picture of the V2 with the part itself visible.  The new chrome process being used on the most recent V2 batch results in a high-gloss polish that blends in to the guitar finish like camouflage.

Follow this link to find out more about this revolutionary new guitar accessory.

Or Click here to buy one on Amazon… you deserve an early Christmas present right?


String Butler V2 vs V3 on a Les Paul Standard


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