The White V5 String Butler is here!

When I first saw the white V5 model I was shocked. My first thought was that this is exactly what a Storm Trooper would use on his guitar. It has a very synthetic armor look to it. Perhaps it’s the neo-retro vibe that it gives off, reminding me of prior all white products at the dawn of Apple’s takeover of the personal tech market, but I really liked it. However, I didn’t know if any of you would like it, and importing a bunch of these to the USA to gather dust costs a lot of money. So I waited, considered, and delayed…

Then a few weeks ago I thought “the world is clearly coming to an end soon anyway…the heck with it…lets give it a go!”.

Now I have some sitting on the shelf in the USA and I’m wondering if my initial impression was right: are these as striking and awesome to others as they are to me?

What do you think?

Second question: Do you wish other String Butler Models came in white?

PS: They look plastic but they are actually metal String Butler’s powder coated white… how cool is that?


If you are interested in the one and only white and gold V5 that I have in the USA you’ll find the Reverb listing here.

If you are interested in the Arctic V5 series, you’ll find them on Reverb here.

While you are at it check out our new website. We just overhauled it to make it easier to navigate.

We are calling this one “V5 Arctic” in the USA
Isn’t this sick looking?
At the moment I only have 1 of these. It’s the sample that Sven sent me some months ago. Unless you guys really like it, I don’t plan on importing many of these.
Looks nice though right? Notice this is a Flying V model on a standard guitar…it can work in some cases.

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