String Butler Vintage Adapter Kits

When is an Adapter Kit Needed?

  • If your guitar has “Vintage” tuners, without the hex nut around the post, then to use the String Butler you need either Adapter Kit 1 or 2.  (See the image below for a visual on the tuner with and without the hex nut feature)
  • If you have a hex nut around the tuning post, even if it looks “Vintage”, then you don’t need an adapter.
  • Gibson Guitars: Use Adapter Kit 2 – Currently out of stock
  • All other Guitars: Use Adapter Kit 1 – Currently out of stock
  • These Adapter Kits are not compatible with the Clear Acrylic String Butler Models.

Product Summary:

  • A guitar that uses pressed-in sleeves around the tuners lacks a nut to hold down the String Butler.  The String Butler Adapter Kits add a threaded feature and a nut to the sleeve to address this compatibility issue.  For the Adapter Kit 2, replacement tuners are also included to address a unique compatibility issue with Gibson models.
  • To install the part you simply have to remove the tuners, press the current sleeves out with a wooden dowel, press the new sleeve in, and install the new tuning machines, if provided, in place of the stock ones.  Once this is done the guitar will have provisions to allow the attachment of the String Butler.


Adapter Kit 1 Contents – Currently Out of Stock

String Butler Adapter Kit 1

Adapter Kit 2 Contents

String Butler Adapter Kit 2

Where to buy the String Butler Adapter Kit 2

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Installation Instructions

Adapter Kit 1

Adapter Kit 2

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