More about the String Butler

The first shipment of the String Butler to Laplace is currently speeding across the globe via FedEx Express to the USA!

In the meantime, Laplace has been working on preparing the product listing and several graphical instructions for selecting and installing the correct version of the product.

We are importing the metal V3 version in three different colors first. The V3 version seems to fit the most guitars and we believe that most customers would prefer the metal ones. The V2 and acrylic versions will be added to the catalogue at a later date, depending on the interest level. Let us know if you would like that version and we will see if we can bring it to the US faster.
A more comprehensive website with Instructions will be launched in the coming weeks. However, some pictures and a sneak peak of some of the graphics are below:

Colors available:

It looks great while improving the tuning stability of your guitar.  Some installed pictures:

Graphic explaining the issue that the String Butler Addresses:

How to determine if the String Butler V3 will work with your guitar:String Butler Headstock Compatibility


If your guitar has Vintage Style tuners, you may need to attach the String Butler to the headstock with screws (or you can use one of the new Vintage Adapter Kits). This should only be done by a qualified guitar technician.  The screws are needed because the machine head nut retains the device. Graphic below:String-Butler-Compatibility-Machine-Head-Tuners

More on installation options:

Send us a message if you have any questions about the product. We would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for a launch timer, a link to where you can by the String Butler without having to import it yourself, and the full instructional website.


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