String Butler Low Inventory Alert

Due to high demand for the String Butler we are quickly running out of inventory.  At the moment the Black Chrome V3 is sold out on Amazon and there is only one left on eBay.  We transferred the remained of our dwindling inventory of the Black Chrome to Amazon and 15 more of the Black Chrome should be available on Amazon in a little over a week.  If you want to get your hands on one of these revolutionary devices, in Black Chrome, then you’ll want to keep your eye on Amazon for when they arrive as I expect they will sell out in a day.

We do still have some of the Silver Chrome and Gold Chrome V3 in stock.  These are available through our Amazon, eBay, and Laplace stores.

Lastly, we have a small handful of the Clear Acrylic V2 String Butlers.  If the separation between your tuning posts is between 44mm-58mm, and your guitar meets the standard requirements of the String Butler, these should work.  We don’t have listings up for these yet so if you want one contact us and we can send one your way for the same price as the V3 Metal ($46 with Free Shipping).

Click Here to Buy the String Butler Now before they all sell out!

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