The Black Chrome String Butler V2 is in stock!

A few weeks ago there was a rush on the our inventory as awareness of the product spiked.  A growing number of guitarists have tried and loved the product and the good word is spreading like wildfire.  This is good for sales, but tricky to predict from an inventory management perspective!

I’m happy to report that today we received a shipment of the Black Chrome V2 String Butler (place your order here).  These parts look fantastic.  The chrome polish on them is amazing.  This actually made it hard to take pictures of the product.  Really the pictures don’t do it justice…you have to see it for yourself.  Now lets answer the question that many of you have:

What is the difference between the V2 and V3?  Will the V2 fit my axe?

The only practical difference between the V2 and the V3 is the V2 fits less guitar models honestly.  This is why Laplace chose to stock the V3 first.  The chart below explains that the V3 fits a wider range of post separations.  In the side by side comparison pictures below you will see that the V2 is a little smaller than the V3 as well.

Let us know if you have any questions.  As always, we offer a 30 day money back, no hassle, return policy.  If you would like one I recommend that you order on eBay soon, we managed to get 100 of these in stock and they won’t last long.  (place your order here)

String Butler V3 vs V2 Comparison Imp string-butler-compatibility-machine-head-separation

String Butler V2 Black Chrome 2 AmazonString Butler V2 Black Chrome 4 Amazon

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