String Butler Equipped – Series 62

What is cooler than a father and son gigging in Northern Virginia?  …taking that act to Nashville for NAMM.  This is the dream that Series 62 is living this summer with their lead guitarist Jeff.  They have been playing locally in Virginia for a year and a half with dreams of taking their act to Nashville…a dream that is coming true.

The bass player and father, Marc, contacted us because the String Butler saved the lead guitarist, Jeff, from buying a PRS to solve his tuning issues!  Glad we could help Jeff.

They have a gig during NAMM in Nashville this June 29th at the High Watt.  They have some original tracks with AC/DC, Queen, and Led Zepplin as influences.  If you are in the area stop by and show your support for local band’s dreaming big.

Series 62 is String Butler Equipped and made up of:

  • Marc Togie – Lead Vocalist and Bass Player
  • Jeff Crozier – Guitarist and Backup Vocals
  • Max Togie – Drummer

Series 62 on Facebook

More Info on the String Butler

Laplace loves live and local music, if you have a String Butler equipped band let us know and we will feature you on our page and feeds.

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