The String Butler V4 for Oversized Headstocks is available in the USA!

Introducing the Version 4 String Butler

The day has finally arrived, the new V4 String Butler is available in the USA!  This version of this ingenious product is designed to address one of the most common requests from customers:  “The headstock on my guitar is too large and the V2 and V3 won’t work, when will you have a larger version?”.

That’s right, this larger String Butler V4 is designed to fit the oversized headstocks found on guitar brands like Gretsch and models like the Flying V.  As with the V2 and V3 String Butlers, to determine if the V4 will fit your axe measure the distance between the post centerlines.  If the separation is somewhere between 59 and 78mm then the V4 should fit.

The really good news is that oversized headstock guitars stand to gain the most from a String Butler.  This is because the large post separation means that the string kink through the nut is more severe.  Improve the tuning stability of your guitar with a String Butler today by purchasing one using the link below.



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