The single best improvement available for a very common guitar design…

Do you have a guitar with 3 tuning knobs on one side and 3 on the other similar to the picture above?  Does the arrangement pull the strings into a V-Shape above the nut?  If so, then you need something called a String Butler to straighten the strings as they pass through the nut.  This reduces friction in the nut and makes it easier to reach the proper tuning as you are making adjustments.  It also improves tuning stability when returning from deep bends.

The String Butler is one of the most ingenious products developed for the guitar in a long time.  For around $46 you can apply this completely reversible upgrade to your guitar.  You’ll wish that someone had invented this before.  Check out the pictures, reviews, and find more information below.


Click here to read more about why it works so well.

To learn more about compatibility and the different options available, visit the main information page here:  The String Butler

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10 thoughts on “The single best improvement available for a very common guitar design…

  1. Do you have to loosen strings to install? My guitars are all acoustic. I have one 12 string.

    1. The strings have to be removed for installation. Its highly recommended that they are replaced with the install. The String Butler isn’t compatible with a 12 string. Sorry

    1. Hello Don,

      This is something I also considered before I was sold on the String Butler. If you diagram it you’ll see that the string has to make a turn at the nut. With a straight cut slot the turn happens at a corner at top of the nut. If you file the slot at an angle and the slot aligns perfectly with the tuner then the turn happens at an even sharper corner at the bottom of the nut. The angle becomes acute. This could make the problem even worse. If the slot isn’t perfectly aligned then you end up with two bends in the string as it zig zags through the nut.

      Basically, cutting the slot at an angle changes the issue but doesn’t address the core problem of the string making a sharp turn at the nut.

      The String Butler routes the strings straight through the nut and around large rollers with very little friction on posts. This large roller keeps the string from yielding because the turn isn’t as sharp, binding in the nut is stopped because you aren’t trying to drag a bent string through a narrow slot. And the friction from string motion is dramatically improved.

      Hopes this helps clarify.

      Thanks for your consideration.


  2. Doesn’t the string bend at a roughly equally sharp angle to the rear in addition to the left or right?

    1. Hello Tom,

      I’m not sure that I understand your question. By rear do you mean “break angle” over the nut? This angle varies by guitar model. If you fix kink through the nut from side to side then this break angle still exists. However many believe that this angle helps with sustain and it’s needed to keep the string in the nut slot.

      Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question.


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