The single best improvement available for a very common guitar design…

Do you have a guitar with 3 tuning knobs on one side and 3 on the other similar to the picture above?  Does the arrangement pull the strings into a V-Shape above the nut?  If so, then you need something called a String Butler to straighten the strings as they pass through the nut.  This reduces friction in the nut and makes it easier to reach the proper tuning as you are making adjustments.  It also improves tuning stability when returning from deep bends.

The String Butler is one of the most ingenious products developed for the guitar in a long time.  For around $46 you can apply this completely reversible upgrade to your guitar.  You’ll wish that someone had invented this before.  Check out the pictures, reviews, and find more information below.


To learn more, visit the main information page here:  The String Butler

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