The String Butler Stealth and Lux Series

Laplace is in the process of listing 4 new String Butler models just in time for the holidays!

These new models add Gold or Black Chrome plating to the posts and the rollers.  This allows us to create some very cool color combinations.  After some consideration we have decided to offer two new versions to our product line.  We believe that customers will be most interested these combinations:

  1. Black Posts and Rollers on a Black Body – Stealth Series
    • This product is difficult to see against a black headstock.  It gives the appearance of the strings being routed to the tuners by an unseen force and so the Stealth name seems appropriate.
    • Stealth will be available in the V2, V3, and V4 models this week.
  2. Gold Posts and Rollers on a Black Body – Lux Series
    • The subtle gold hardware has a luxurious look without being overbearing.  We believe that some customers with gold tuners will like this model more than the Standard Gold String Butlers.
    • Lux will be available in the V3 model this week.  We may order V2 and V4 once we confirm that customers like this combination.

Keep an eye on our eBay store this week to place your order right away as we will have very limited quantities in this first batch.  The V3 Stealth eBay listing will likely go live on Nov 12, 2018.

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Stealth Series


V3 Lux Main

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